Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Gear from Bleep Labs: Neon Indian

I have loved Bleep Labs stuff for awhile now. The Original Thingamagoop was an amazingly fun toy. Very expressive and always fun to play with. Now Dr Bleep has teamed up with NEon Indian to make this new product. Here are some details.

This limited edition mini analog synthesizer is based on the Pico Paso with a few modifications designed by Dr. Bleep and Alan Palomo of Neon Indian. The biggest addition are swappable controls which allow you to easily attach the included potentiometers or photocells (or a number of other devices we’ll post about later) in any configuration to the three oscillators to create all kinds of triangle wave chaos.

- Two triangle wave oscillators which can be activated independently or together, modulating each other.
- Square LFO which affects the amplitude of both triangle oscillators.
- 1/4″ out.
- Screw terminals allow any resistive device to control the pitch of the three oscillators.

I also am a fan of neon indian and am excited to hear his new record. The new single sounds very promising...

Neon Indian - Polish GIrl

Info on the new Neon Indian Record
Bleep Labs