Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coachella Line Up 2011

Coachella Line up was released yesterday. Not a fan of most of it even though there are some really good acts. Just wondering where all the bands I have been listening to for the last year are. Really think Kings of Leon suck and should not be headlining a festival with such a great history. Also not a fan of Kanye West and really don't think he fits the vibe of that festival. Not to mention he is a douche bag. Don't really understand why people have such a hard on for his last album. It hurt my ears.

Anyway good to see the Black Keys and The Chemical Brothers on opening night but you know they will be playing at the same time which would really drive me crazy. There are a bunch of bands I could see but since I live in NY I will probably wait until these acts come around. I am sure the Strokes and Death From Above 1979 will play NY. Anyway with ever new coachella line up I always go thru and check out all the artists I don't know. It is a good way to find some new music if you have the patience.......