Wednesday, February 17, 2010

---[ New Touch Guitar ]---

As I am getting increasingly excited over the idea of the ipad and Ableton live, I decided to do some searching on touch interfaces. In the upcoming years we are going to see more and more uses for touch technology. At first I was skeptical about the ipad, since having an iphone and a macbook book pro leave really no need for such a device. However if you think about how awesome it will be to use with Ableton is going to be really tempting. check out this new touch guitar I ran across

"The intersection of the classical instrument known as a guitar and the modernist urge to modify everything has resulted in plenty of nutty, zany, and just plain questionable products in its time. It's quite a pleasure, therefore, to point you in the direction of a so-called Digital Guitar that keeps the axe looking refreshingly familiar, while turning it into something that poses a legitimate threat of actually being useful. Essentially a MIDI controller, the Misa guitar has 24 frets and a large multifunctional touchscreen, which you can use to interface with the appropriate software on your pc. We've got a video demonstration after the break, and you can hit up the source link for more info including details on how you might be able to buy one for yourself."